Work from the Cells series. Sometimes space is the best building you can build. Everything happens there because nothing is prescribed, they are timeless and promising places.

Three silver rings photographed on the hand by John Kramer. The rings are 'mantel rings', hollow inside but larger in shape than the traditional 'mantel ring' and without a stone.
The images can be ordered as a print.The rings are grown out of their joints. The images can be ordered as a print

The works from the Brutal Growth series evoke associations with wild growth in nature. The forms refer to infinite coral, branching rainforest and proliferating cells. Both the beauty and the promise as well as the threat of the growth are visible.

The artwork can surprise us, not because it portrays something strange, but because it can make something that is familiar to us appear in a new, strange way. (Maurice Merleau-Ponty 1908 - 1961)